From the time when the self-contained version of In My Diary became available there have always been two editions released - the FULL version and the UPDATE. Updating your IMDiary(M,L) folder was always a bit clumsy and often confusing for some users who just wanted to get on with using the computer without tearing their hair out, or fearing lost data. Some users have downloaded and tried to run the update (which always contained only a few of the necessary files to run) and then got puzzled when nothing happened.

SO, from now on, there is just ONE edition of the self-contained version - the FULL one. However, to make updates possible and still preserve your personal data, it has been necessary to create an Update Installer, and this must be downloaded and run before you can update your self-contained version of In My Diary. You can download it from the same page as the self-contained downloads. 




When you first used this program the folder containing In My Diary self-contained would have been called IMDiary if on Windows, IMDiaryM on MacOS or IMDiaryL on Linux. You may have changed it, so for the purpose of these instructions I will simply call it 'Current Folder'. The version you download to update from will also be called IMDiary(etc) and for our purposes now I will call it 'New Folder'.       



The Update Installer is a very small program that updates your Current Folder by adding any changed files since the last version and removing the older ones. The installer does not contain the actual new version, you will need to download that from Once the update is complete as described below, you carry on using this CURRENT folder just as before.

You are advised to first make a backup of your Current Folder.

You will need to download the new version of InMyDiary for your particular Operating system  from This is a zip file and needs to be de-archived. If your Current Folder has not had its name changed then make sure your New Folder is de-archived into a different folder to your Current Folder.



The IMDupdater folder contains the updater for all three platforms. Make sure you are trying to run the one that applies to your computer.

Drag your Current Folder to the left-hand box in the window.



It doesn't matter if you have renamed your folder but it MUST be an InMyDiary self-contained folder that has been previously run or you will be warned of this.

Then drag your newly uploaded (but de-archived) New Folder to the right-hand box in the window. This must be a new update that has NOT been previously run or again you will be warned of this. You will also get a warning if you try to drag the zip file to the box - the folder must be de-archived first.

If both folders have been accepted as valid an 'Update now' button will now be visible.



Click this to make the update. If you have ticked the 'Run InMyDiary after updating' option the newly updated program should open shortly.

Repeat the process if you have other self-contained Current Folders running different diaries.

Once you are satisfied that your Current Folder is successfully updated, you can delete the New Folder you downloaded. This is no longer needed and keeping it lying around might cause confusion.

Do not delete the IMDupdater application since that will be needed again when a new update becomes available.