Rhythm Chaser is a Music rhythm reading program. I developed it out of some work Diane and I did with two of our Grandkids during some Zoom sessions in the Covid19 lockdown period.


If you can read music and feel like whiling away a few moments in (probably) utter frustration then this is for you!


It works on Windows and MacOS and you can play your responses back on the computer keys or via a midi keyboard.


Sadly, no app for Tablets and phones yet but you never know!


Download either the 32bit or 64bit version according to your computer. If you're not sure the 32bit one should work anyway. Some computers, possible older ones may need a few extra files in order to run the app so let me know if you get an error message when you try to run it and I'll sort that out.


You might get the usual warnings that you are trying to run a program from an unknown developer etc. but The program has been submitted to scrutiny by lots of anti-virus programs (see results here).



Windows 64bit version 1.1


  Windows 32bit version 1.1


  MacOS 64bit version 1.1


MacOS 32bit version 1.1





Version history


30/07/20 (Windows and MacOS)


1. Now works on MacOS


2. Midi input in addition to computer input is possible.


3. Tempo control over a wide range


Bugs fixed

If the user played no notes at all the accidental 'division by zero' has been corrected. If you suffered from this then just delete your 'mydata' file and start again to keep a track of your accuracy progress.  



26/07/20 (Windows only)


Version 1 First release