Sophie's 1st Birthday card verse



If you could choose a year to be one

I doubt it would be this.

Instead of arms to cuddle you

And folks eager to kiss,

We all have had to keep away

On this we're all agreed,

But just a smile and just a hug

Is really what we need.




If you could choose a family

To love and care for you,

A brother and a sister

To show you what to do,

A Mum and Dad to keep you safe

And love you endlessly,

You could have made no better choice

In time, you'll come to see.



If we could only look ahead

I'm sure there'll be no doubt

You won't recall this awful year

And you'll be reaching out

Into a future full of fun

And opportunity.

So show that world that you can be

Just what YOU want to be.





Joseph's 1st Birthday card verse



From that sleepy little boy we first met,
We've loved to see you grow and thrive,
More and more confident each time we visit
And more and more inquisitive.
But always with a loving cheeky smile.

And what a beautiful gift it is,
To have such a gorgeous smile for everyone,
A smile that makes each person you meet feel
You are so pleased to see them,
And that their day is now a little bit brighter.

We can't wait to see that smile on your face when you
Open your first present by yourself,
Run and jump in your first puddle,
Ride on your first bike unaided,
Reach the top of your first mountain,
Maybe even ride an elephant!

We can't know what will eventually bring
Purpose, love and joy to your life.
But, on your first Birthday,
Gran and Grandad want to thank you for
The love and joy you have brought to ours.





Emma's 1st Birthday



Being one means -

Such a busy year ahead,

With lots of responsibility.

Smiling for your Mum and Dad,

Keeping all your guests amused,

And melting all their hearts.


Being one means -

Lots of new experiments,

Tasting and touching everything in reach,

How to build those blocks back up,

Dipping your toes on a sunny beach


Being one means -

Learning how to paradiddle!

Well perhaps not yet but maybe soon!


Being one means -

Starting now to make some sense

Of all that weird adult sound,

Growing a little day by day

Inch by inch, pound by pound.


Being one means -

Lots to learn and things to see,

Quickly now, so much to do,

So much so that even you

Don't notice how your parents sigh,

At how the time is passing by

And pretty soon you'll then be TWO


Just for now though -

Hug those teddies,


Lots of cuddles,


Give those kisses,


And we will treasure them forever.



Jonah's 1st Birthday



It hardly seems a year since Mummy rang,

And got us out of bed one early morn,

To tell us of the news we'd waited for,

Our lovely grandson, Jonah, had been born.


So off we dashed to say 'Hello' to you,

All snuggled in your stripy yellow suit,

With your proud sister Evie by your side,

How could a baby ever look so cute?


And over this past year you've grown and grown

Into a strapping fellow, there's no doubt,

With killer smile and gorgeous hazel eyes,

Poor dad won't stand a chance with you about.

(with the ladies, that is!)


Evie's 1st Birthday



Gran and Granddad want to say..

On this very special day,

 Thank you for the joy and fun

You give to us and everyone.


It's been a very special year,

And whether you were far or near,

We've loved to see you thrive and grow

Into the Evie that we know.